New Patient

We provide five to ten minutes of  consultation. After the doctor reviews your health history and
determines if your problem is likely to be helped with acupuncture or chiropractic care, your doctor
will explain to you how much we can help or improve your condition. Also the doctor can discuss
the treatment plan with you.  If we cannot help, we will refer you to the appropriate care.
Please call (317) 340-1427 for a consultation.


1. Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture:
Your Acupuncture Doctors will do the pulse DX and tongue DX, take your medical HX, look at your
medical records and X-ray (or C.T. Blood work etc) and explain to you the balance of your shen
and chi (energy)

2. Chiropractic:
Your Chiropractor will complete a thorough examination of the function of your spine and nerve
system. This may include postural assessment, orthopedic exam, neurological tests(reflexes),  
muscle tests, range of motion and general palpation. Depending on the history and examination
finding, we may recommend further diagnostic studies such as x-rays, blood works etc.

1.  Acupuncture
One’s first treatment with Acupuncture will be about one hour or more. On average, Acupuncture
treatment is thirty minutes. Please make sure to eat a meal before the treatment. Some patients
may experience fatigue after treatment as a result of the body’s energy being tonified.

2. Chiropractic
First adjustment is about fifteen to thirty minutes. Some patients may experience soreness in the
first few adjustments.

3. Cupping
Some patients may experience bruising in superficial skin or soreness. Heat and rest will help.
Yang Health Center
Yang Health Center, Acupuncture and
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Please call (317) 816-4006 or (317) 340-1427 for a consultation.
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